Friday, November 24, 2017

Old Bowman, Part 2 of 2

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving yesterday.  We had 14 people over at our house.  I'm sitting in the parking lot of the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls as I write this. It's been a long day of shopping.

So first an update on the bat situation.  I wasn't happy with the $1300 quote the local expert gave me. There are two other places in town that claim to remove bats, so I called them on Wednesday. The first guy gave me a quote over the phone of $900. Better, but still way more than I was expecting. So I called the next one and got a quote of $550. Even better. I wish there were more local people to call because at that rate it was going to be free after two more calls. Mr. 550 is coming to take care of it next week. Then I can move my cards back into their closet. I'm trying to think of a more organized way to put them in this time. Any ideas???

Here are some 1955 Bowman Red Sox I picked up recently.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I leave you with Turkey Stearnes. I don't own these cards.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Old Bowman, Part 1 of 2

Yep, we've got bats in the attic. It's not bad, though, he said. Does $1300 seem pretty steep for the price to get rid of them? That pays for a temporary installation of four bat cones and another visit in two weeks to seal up four possible entry points. It seams really high priced. Does anyone have experience with this?

So back to cards. I bought the following Red Sox Bowman cards on COMC recently. These players weren't in the Topps sets these years, so Bowman is how to get them.

1952 Fred Hatfield

1954 Billy Goodman

1954 Willard Nixon

1954 Sammy White

 1954 Del Wilber

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Baseball Bats

These aren't the bats you're looking for...

I've been hearing some faint scratching noises coming from the attic for the past few weeks.  Back when we bought the house, the home inspector found evidence of bats in the attic. We asked the sellers to have them removed before we'd buy, and they did. Now five years later I think they might be back.

On a related note, here's a picture of the closet where I keep my cards. I always find it interesting when other bloggers show pictures of their collections, so here's mine. This bedroom is technically the guest bedroom, but we've always called it "the card room". Those rows of binders on the floor are Topps baseball, football, and basketball sets. The boxes on the shelf are mostly empty, their contents now in the binders. But some are full with duplicate sets. (See my trade bait page for sets I have available.) There's also some random boxes and envelopes stacked on the binders containing recent purchases or trades that need to be organized yet. You can also see some loose filled pages for which I don't have binders yet.

And here's a picture of the ceiling in that closet where the access to the attic is. See a problem here? I called a local bat remover yesterday and he's coming out to inspect the attic on Monday. For a man and his ladder to fit through that hole into the attic, I have to empty out that closet. I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Panini Prizm Prizms Silver

I've liked refractors since Topps Finest first came out with them in 1993. I could piece together the team sets of the Lakers, Steelers, and Red Sox each year and that was a lot of fun. Basketball refractors with action shots on them look especially good with the reflective rainbow surface. They often have opposing players in the backgrounds. While the featured players are bright, background players look almost ghostly, as if they're in a state of temporal flux or a thick mist. Finest stopped making basketball refractors after 2007-08. The two previous year's sets were paltry, so it wasn't a complete shock. So for 2008-09 I switched to Bowman Chrome Refractors. But alas, they too discontinued after one more year. It wasn't until just a couple years ago that I learned Panini had picked up refractor-like cards again back in 2012-13. And while the name they gave them is quite a mouthful, half tongue twister if said fast, Prizm Prizms Silver were welcome to me. I've been playing catch up with Lakers ever since. A recent COMC order took four more off my want list.

2012-13 Metta World Peace

2015-16 Shaquille O'Neal 

2013-14 Kobe Bryant 

2015-16 Anthony Brown 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bobby Doerr Remembered

The great Red Sox legend Bobby Doerr passed away a couple days ago at the age of 99.  He was the oldest living major league baseball player, and last player from the 1930's.  As a small tribute to him, here's a look at his cards that I have from his playing days.

1938 Goudey

1939 Play Ball

1940 Play Ball
1941 Play Ball
1942 Red Sox Team Issue
 1946 Red Sox Team Issue
 1947 Tip Top Bread
1948 Red Sox Team Issue
1949 Bowman

1950 Bowman

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mistakes in Card Collecting

It's hard to make mistakes in card collecting.  I suppose you could overpay or overtrade for a card.  Maybe you prospect on a rookie player and he winds up being a bust so the cards don't go up in value like you'd hoped.  More common perhaps is buying or trading for a card you didn't know you already have.  I've done that for sure.  But none of those things are really that devastating to a collector who's in it just for the fun of it.

One of my biggest mistakes in collecting has to do with the Topps basketball sets from 2000-01 and 2001-02.  I found them at Rainbow, a LCS, for a really decent price.  The catch was, they didn't contain the draft pick rookies.  No big deal, I thought, at that price I can pick them up separately and still get a good deal.  Yeah, that's what I thought.  I figured Topps was Topps and their flagship cards would be in abundance.  Nope.  Fifteen years later, I still can't find some of them.  Those sets must of been severely short-printed or something.  Here's one I picked up on eBay recently.

This is the 2001-02 Topps of Kedrick Brown.  The search started way back then with 18 rookies needed for the 2000-01 set and 27 needed for the 2001-02 set.

I still need the following from 2000-01.  Any helpers out there?
#128 Marcus Fizer
#135 Jerome Moiso
#138 Mateen Cleaves
#145 Donnell Harvey
#148 Erick Barkley
#280 Hanno Mottola

I still need the following from 2001-02.  Help please!
#225 Jason Richardson
#242 Jeryl Sasser
#245 Samuel Dalembert
#248 Trenton Hassell

Friday, November 10, 2017

1975 Topps Additions

This past month I've been focusing on 1974 and 1975 Topps baseball. My complete sets go back to 1976, so these are the next logical ones to go after. I picked up some common lots on eBay and some stars on COMC. Here are some of my favorite additions this month from 1975.

Please see my want list for the cards I'm still needing in the set. I'd appreciate any help you can provide!