Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Package from Beckett - Burbank Sportscards

The second package from my Beckett order arrived the other day.  It was from Burbank Sportscards in Burbank, CA.  I think I've probably bought more cards from them than from any other place, ever.  They were there when I opened my account in 2001. I don't buy from them as often as I used to, but when I do, it's a fairly big order.  This package brought 52 cards to my door, from all sports and even a non-sport.

My favorite card in the group is this rookie card of Pete Maravich. It's pretty beat up on the corners and has a crease. That means it's in my price range!

This "big card" of Artis Gilmore is also a favorite. He was one of my favorite non-Lakers as a kid. He was the only player I saw stand eye to eye with Kareem. I mostly remember him later in his career with the Spurs, but he was still a solid player.

This is Maravich's third card, also only in the lot because of condition. But that's all right by me; I'm glad to add it to my collection. There were also a couple of Lakers stickers. It was the only way I could find to get these guys on Lakers "cards" this year.

These Panini Prizm Prizms were a couple I didn't know about until seeing them in the trading card database.  I thought I had all the Lakers.

There were only two football cards; both Finest Refractors of Tim Tebow.

I'm in a Star Wars mood since the Solo movie came out, so I picked up the ones I didn't have yet that Burbank had.  These are about half of what I got.  I'm at 309/330, or 93.6%, on that set build.

And there was hockey.  This Barry Gibbs from 1972-73 completes the North Stars team set for that year!  And this Keith Aldridge is my first Young Guns card! Most of them are just way more than I want to spend on a hockey card, but this one was pretty cheap.

And there were a couple Mike Modanos.  This is my first Finest Refractor hockey card!

And then there was baseball.  I mentioned before that I was going for the Red Sox team set of 1993 Pacific Spanish.  These two and two others in the package complete series 1.  I still have all of series 2 to go.

This 1997 Fleer Nomar Garciaparra completes the Red Sox team set for that product.  And Andrew Moore here and about 15 other Elmira Pioneers from that same issue complete that team set.  It's the first time I've done a minor league team set card by card.

Tommy John was the only vintage baseball card as most of Burbank's are overpriced in my opinion.  Skeeter Newsom fills out 1983 TCMA a bit more for me.  The blemish on the edge is hardly noticeable in real life.  In fact, I wasn't even aware of it until seeing the scan.  I like this set because it tries to get some cards out there from the WWII years when not much was produced.  I only wish there were more than a handful of Red Sox for each war year in the set.

And finally, there were some odds and ends rookies and updates that were there too.  Here are a couple examples.


  1. Burbank's selection is unreal but their cards are priced high because of it. Those Pistol Pete cards are awesome, and the Modano refractor is cool too. I miss Finest hockey-and Topps hockey cards in general, but especially Finest.

  2. I love Artis and that tall boy of him. Nice Maravich as well. Nice BoSox cards too. Great post .