Friday, June 8, 2018

Old Red Sox Card from 1928

For team set collectors like me, there are certain periods of time that are quite a challenge to find cards. I know part of the problem is that the team I collect, the Boston Red Sox, have been around forever, 1901 to be exact. While it's not a big enough complaint to make me switch allegiances, it sure would be a lot easier collecting cards of the Colorado Rockies or Florida Marlins. Even older teams like the Seattle Mariners or the Toronto Blue Jays wouldn't be all that bad because Topps has been making cards since before their inception. Yearly predictable flagship sets started in 1948, so if the team you collect is younger than that, you are very lucky!

Two eras that are particularly troublesome for collectors of very old teams are the mid to late 1920's and the World War II years. There just weren't a lot of sets being produced. This card is from 1928 Exhibits (W461). Exhibits was a Chicago-based supply company which sold cards via vending machines at amusement parks. They issued baseball and football cards, as well as wild west, boxing, and actors. This is my first card from 1928.

To say that it's postcard sized would be redundant because it actually double serves as a post card. Check out the back! See the fingerprints of some chocolate fingered kid from the amusement park that day?

I don't know too much about Bryan "Slim" Harriss here. But with a nickname of Slim, that girth in his buttocks region must not be him but something in the background. He pitched for the Red Sox from 1926 thru 1928 going 28-42 and leading the league with 21 losses in 1927. Maybe he got his nickname from his win-loss percentage (which was better than the team's those years, by the way).

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  1. The Cubs have been around in some form or another since 1870... I definitely get what you're saying! Love those Exhibits too - great vintage oddballs that fill in those aforementioned black holes. I have a couple of them in my Cubs All Time Roster Collection myself.