Thursday, May 31, 2018

Package from Stealing Home

Since the beginning of my blogging days about 15 months ago, there have been a handful of other blogs which I've followed since day one.  One of those is All Trade Bait All The Time.  Whether you have an affinity for beer (I don't) or baseball cards (yes, I do, big time!) you will enjoy reading it.  He goes by Stealing Home, and Tom and I have been emailing back and forth about a possible trade off and on for months.  I have a high end card he wants, and he's been doing a lot of work hitting local card shows out there in California to come up with comparable goods in return.  Yesterday, I received his package in the mail.
This is my very first hockey autograph card!  It's hard to make out in the scan, but it's Darryl Sydor from the 1999 In the Game Millennium Signature Series.  Most of the rest of the cards were off my want list of Minnesota North Stars team set needs.  A whole bunch were knocked off the list!

Here's Gilles Meloche the year before and the year after the new style goalie face masks came out.  Who can't look at that 1980-81 mask and think "CREEPY?"

There were more cards from the 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee set than from any other, over half the team in all.

And of course, a couple Red Sox were in the package for good measure.  I needed them both.  This was actually my first look at the 2018 Topps Salute of Johnny Damon.

Thanks for the trade, Tom!  Well, I guess it's not a trade until I get yours in the mail too.  Look for it soon.

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