Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Minneapolis 3/3

Two Fridays ago now I was in Minneapolis and found myself needing to kill some time.  I had been to one card shop, then made an in-person trade with a fellow member of the trading card database.  Papa Hawk Sports & Collectibles was one exit down the freeway from where I was at.  So despite not having the best luck there last time, I grabbed a shake at the McDonald's drive-thru across the street and headed south one exit.

This time I had a lot better luck there.  First I picked up three Red Sox I needed from 2018 Donruss.

They had 16 cards from 1977 Topps Star Wars that I still needed, all from the green and orange sub-sets.  That puts me at exactly 90% complete for that set.

Speaking of which, I saw the Han Solo movie yesterday.  It was so-so.  I've traditionally been a huge Star Wars fan, but even I now think they are putting out too many movies.  They're not as special any more.
Spoiler alert: jump down to the hockey card pictures if you don't want to know anything about the movie...........  So how old is Han Solo supposed to be?  By putting Darth Maul in there, they seem to have thrown the timelines off.  He shouldn't be alive at this point in Han Solo's life.  He was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi when Anakin Skywalker was still a little boy and Luke was years from being born.  I always put Solo as being maybe ten years older than Luke.  But given Darth Maul's appearance when Solo was in his early 20's, he'd have to be 40 years older than Luke, or almost Kenobi's age.  Has anybody made sense of this apparent contradiction?

Back to cards.  By far I bought more hockey than anything else.  They were all Minnesota North Stars or Dallas Stars team set needs over a 40 year timeframe.  Here are just some of the favorites.

So overall, that Friday in Minneapolis was well worth getting up early and arriving with ample time for card hunting.

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  1. SOLO SPOILER: Darth Maul was brought back as a character during the Clone Wars animated series which should make the timeline work. Great Red Sox cards Star Wars cards. Glad you were able to take advantage of a local card shop. Great post.