Friday, August 11, 2017

Old Red Sox Cards - Collins McCarthy

I've been giving the 1917 Collins McCarthy set a closer look this year since it's exactly 100 years old.  Collins McCarthy was a candy company at 25 Beale Street in San Francisco back then.  The Pacific Service Credit Union is on that site today.  Their slogan was "Just a little better."  They made a card series called Zeenut of the Pacific Coast League for 28 years.  Here are five Collins McCarthy cards I received in the mail this week.

Del died at age 60 years and 80 days.

I gave details of Cady's life in my last post.  He died at age 60 years and 36 days old.

Leonard had a ridiculous ERA of 0.96 in 1914, the lowest all-time.  He died at age 60 years and 86 days.  What a weird coincidence that these last three guys all died within days of the same age.

Scott was baseball's iron man before Lou Gehrig.  He won three World Series championships with the Red Sox.  He lived to age 67.

Chick Shorten was the outfield backup to the hall of fame trio of Speaker, Lewis, and Hooper.  He was the old man of this group living to age 73.

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