Saturday, August 5, 2017

Old Red Sox Card - Hick from For(r)est

A couple of days ago this showed up in the mail.  It's the 1915 Cracker Jack card of Hick Cady.  It's in poor condition, but hey, that's how I can afford it, and I don't expect much better for a card this old.

Hick Cady's story is interesting.  He was born as Forrest Berglund in a town with an equally interesting history.  His parents divorced when he was very young.  When his mom remarried, he took to her new husband enough to take his name of Cady.  Later in his youth, Forrest Cady received the nickname of Hollick, which was later shortened to Hick.  Hick Cady played for three World Series championship teams with the Red Sox.  He was a good fielding catcher but had a light bat.  He caught for Babe Ruth, Smoky Joe Wood, Carl Mays, and Dutch Leonard.  His reputation was that of being one of only a couple catchers who could throw out Ty Cobb stealing.  Unfortunately for him, his main competition for catching time was with the player-manager Bill Carrigan.  Cady umpired for 20 years after his playing days were over.  At age 60 he died in a hotel fire where he worked at the front desk and also lived.  The fire started in his room when he forgot to turn off a heater before going to bed.

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