Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Some Vintage from COMC

I picked up the following in a recent COMC order.

I don't remember Rod Carew playing for the Twins. My earliest memories of him are with the California Angeles. He would start the all-star games at first base which I didn't think was fair because I liked Eddie Murray and thought he was better and more deserving. But where I grew up was Twins territory, and Carew's accomplishments and popularity were still fresh in people's minds.

I always kind of liked Phil Niekro.  I was intrigued by the knuckleball, played around with it, but never threw it in games. When he was with the Yankees I didn't know yet that Red Sox fans couldn't also be fans of any Yankees.

I also picked up some Steve Carltons, a Jim Palmer, and a Dave Parker. 

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