Saturday, July 22, 2017

Old Red Sox Card - Weil Baking Co

Oh what a juxtaposition of card age and design in the two I received in the mail yesterday.

First up is the 1917 Weil Baking Co of Ernie Shore.  Weil Baking doesn't show up in the trading card database, so I wasn't aware of it.  But it is in The Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards which I've gotten away from using.  In this era, many local businesses put their logos and advertisements on the backs of cards that otherwise all looked the same from the front.  I wish I knew how those arrangements were made.  The guy on the card, Ernie Shore, pitched for the Red Sox for four years, winning two World Series championships with them.  He won 58 games over those four seasons with a very low ERA of 2.12.  Those championship years of 1915 and 1916 had some remarkable pitchers for the Red Sox; Shore, Babe Ruth, Smoky Joe Wood, Rube Foster, Dutch Leonard, and Carl Mays.

Here's the back.  The first time I've ever seen Weil Baking Co.  I looked up the address.  Today it looks like it's a sushi bar.

The second card yesterday was the 1993 Finest Refractor of Ivan Calderon. I forgot he even played for the Red Sox.  Seventy-three unmemorable games that year to be exact.  But this is the card set that started the whole refractors craze.  At certain angles in the light, this card looks like one big rainbow, and the picture on the card is obscured.  How awesome is that!

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  1. Cool! Nothing better than a regional oddball for vintage, and refractors for modern!