Thursday, July 20, 2017

Old Red Sox Card - Cracker Jack

I got a really old Red Sox card in the mail today.  This is the 1915 Cracker Jack of Vean Gregg.  Just think, 102 years ago somebody opened up a package of Cracker Jack and pulled this out and looked it over while they munched away.  102 years later that person is likely long gone, but the piece of paper they pulled out all those years ago is still around and was in my mailbox today.  That's really wild to think about!

If only our cards could talk and tell us about the journey they've been on, what they've seen, and the different owners they've had!

I think the Cracker Jack set is pretty cool.  They were only produced in 1914 and 1915 which is right in the heart of the Red Sox first glory years.  Some players appear in both years, but the cards seem to be identical.  Gregg's 1914 Cracker Jack card is nearly identical to this one.  The picture is the same, but the club is Cleveland.  One interesting thing about Vean Gregg is that he was a 20-game winning pitcher his first three seasons.  He won a career high 23 his rookie year, and followed up with two more 20 win exactly seasons.

Also in today's mail came the last Kareem that I was expecting.  This is the Purple Prizms version of the 2015-16 Panini Prizm set.

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  1. Vintage Cracker Jack! Great addition to any collection!