Sunday, July 9, 2017

No LCS for You

The last couple of weeks I've been to a couple small midwest towns. The first was Grand Forks, ND. On the way into town I googled card shops and one came up. It closed in 30 minutes so I hightailed over without looking at it too closely. The place was called Grand Cities Games. I knew I was in trouble when I pulled up. The shop focused on Magic cards and the like. If that's your thing then it looked like an awesome place. I asked where the sportscards were and was pointed to a little shelf not even knee high and about two feet long. There were some Topps baseball sets from the 2000's and some packs of even older stuff. Strike one for the week.
A couple days later I was in Mankato, MN. The story is about the same, except I didn't have to rush to beat closing time. But it too was a Magic card shop. They had two little boxes of baseball packs from the 90's, and that was it for sportscards. The place is called Double Play. Again, if Magic is your thing, you'll probably like this place. But for me, it was strike two.
I was pretty bummed, so before leaving Mankoto I made a last ditch effort to find some sportscards by making a trip to Dollar Tree. I remember reading on some of your blogs that they sometimes have sportscards. And they did! They were a year or two old, but I was desperate and bought a couple packs of baseball and a couple more of basketball. Here's what I found inside.
If you're interested in any of them, let me know.

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