Monday, July 10, 2017

Geeking Out Times Two

There are two things that I can really geek out about; baseball cards and science fiction.  You know about my passion for baseball cards, but I've never talked about sci fi on the blog before.  I love both Star Wars and Star Trek.  I have a couple hundred cards of each from back in the day, nothing special.  I don't actively collect anything from either.  But I do keep watching.  I'm currently working my way through the entire collection of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Amazon Prime (for the second time).  My favorite series was Star Trek Voyager.  Star Trek: Next Generation was pretty good, as was the original series.  Enterprise was not so good.  I've seen the new incarnations of Star Trek movies, but am not really a fan.

As far as the Star Wars movies, they are all phenomenal.  That includes Rogue One. I can't wait for episode eight in December!

If I could choose the best way to blend both of these passions, sci fi and baseball cards, it would be to have a baseball card of my favorite sci fi actor in my favorite team's uniform.  Well lo and behold that's exactly what Topps did with the First Pitch series!

There might be a few other Red Sox First Pitch cards I go after, but this will be by far the best!  This was #8 on my most wanted list.  I picked it up on COMC along with some other cards I hope to share soon.

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