Friday, July 14, 2017

Basketball Cards - Kareem

I have a confession to make. I've been hiding something from you. I collect basketball cards just as passionately as I do baseball cards. In fact, since I'm coming clean today, I also want to add that I collect football cards as passionately as baseball and basketball. Do you still like me? Can we still be friends? The blog world seems highly concentrated on baseball cards. That's understandable. There are just a lot more of them around. When you think of card collecting, you think of baseball by default. In fact I must admit that the name of my blog came about by totally overlooking the others. The Lakers and Steelers never even crossed my mind. So please indulge me, as I plan to sprinkle in more posts about football and basketball card collecting.

Now that that's off my chest, in basketball card land, I collect complete sets from 2004-05 and older. I collect Lakers team sets since. See my basketball card want list page! I just recently added it. My recent COMC order included some cards of the player I consider the second best basketball player ever to play. The first is a Finest X-fractor. The second is a Finest Refractor. The last two are Panini Prizm Prizms.

Oh, and as far as hockey card collecting goes, it is a very distant fourth. I only collect team sets of the Dallas Stars.

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  1. More basketball is good! Unfortunately I have nothing from your wantlist.