Thursday, June 15, 2017

Who's Produced the Most Flagship Sets?

Here are some interesting numbers (to me anyway).  I was making a checklist for my Red Sox team set project, attempting to see how many I had and how many more I had to go.  Since 1981, that's 37 years of cards sets now, did you know Topps is the only brand to have a set all 37 years?  For the brands I consider flagship, here's how many years of sets each had in that same timeframe.  (1981-2017)  This is baseball only.
  1. Topps - 37
  2. Bowman - 29
  3. Donruss - 27
  4. Fleer - 27 (counting some Fleer Tradition the years there was no Fleer)
  5. Upper Deck - 22
  6. Leaf - 13 (started counting when it was more than Donruss with a green leaf in the corner)
  7. Score - 11
  8. Pacific - 9

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  1. I've said it before but you baseball guys are so lucky, to be able to collect one set continuously for so many sports don't have that.