Saturday, June 24, 2017

Misc Team Sets

For those of you who have stayed with me while I posted about all the team sets I've been collecting lately, thanks! This is the last one and then I will be all caught up.
This is 1984 Fleer. Even by 1984 standards, this set is pretty plain. But thanks to Fleer for including an individual card of Yaz in his final season. That's something Topps and Donruss didn't do.

This is 2000 Upper Deck, a nice looking set.

This is 2017 Bowman. This holds the distinction of being my first Chris Sale on a Red Sox card. Hopefully, there are many more to come for many more years.

On a different note, I cross checked some of my recent team set purchases with the trading card database. Lo and behold, two of the four I checked were missing cards! Was I naive to think that if it's called team set that all the cards would be there without clarifying with the seller? I guess I'll have to go thru them all.  The missing cards will be added to my want list.

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