Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In the Mail - Red Sox Team Sets

Not long ago I decided to expand my Red Sox team set collection beyond just Topps.  Whenever I expand my collection, the first thing I do is set a bargain price limit and then see how many I can accumulate in an initial online sprint.  So in this case my limit was $3.  I was able to get a whole bunch of them for that price or less.  They've been showing up almost every day for the past week or two.  Here are some pictures from sets I haven't shown yet.

1993 Leaf.  It's a very colorful set with lots of game action shots.  The way Ivan Calderon is gripping the bat for this bunt is the way I did it one time and ended up with a smashed fingernail.  Don't grip the bat, Ivan!  The Rocket photo is his classic delivery.  I sure hope Mo is calling the pop-up, but his mouth doesn't appear to be doing so.  Perhaps this was snapped just prior to a collision.

1994 Leaf.  Leaf does a good job for the second year in a row, and for the same reasons.  It looks like Scott Cooper caught one in the sun there.  Andre Dawson yet again caught with his eyes not watching the ball.  And a nice drag bunt by the speedy Nixon.  I imagine he was safe.

1996 Leaf.  This year they took a step back.  The photos are nice once again, but I don't like issues that make you hold the cards at a certain angle in the light to read the player names.  I can't come up  with a story behind the Jose photo, but he is wearing a shin guard.  Mo Vaughn is certain he's safe at home, and so is his teammate behind him.  I imagine the catcher picking the ball off the ground here meaning he didn't hold on to it and Mo was safe.  This is an early Wakefield on the Red Sox card.  Check out the nice view of his knuckler grip.

1997 Leaf.  This was a step up from the year before, but still not great.  Player names in cursive always require a little work to read for me.  And the muted photo edges lose the crispness I like in action shots.

2005 Leaf.  Leaf took a break from baseball cards from 1999-2001 before coming back for another short run from 2002-2005.  This was their last baseball issue.  This is a great set, very sharp and lots of great photos.  Who doesn't like seeing the master Martinez at work or Varitek in full tools of ignorance?  Is that a cell phone in Ortiz's back pocket?

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