Monday, June 12, 2017

Donruss Team Sets

I'm just old enough to remember when Donruss showed up on the baseball card scene in 1981. I don't think I had a favorite between Donruss, Topps, which had been around forever, and Fleer, which also debuted in 1981. But what I didn't like about Donruss was the glossy finish on the card fronts which made them stick together.  It was hard to shuffle through a stack of them quickly (still is).  I was glad when Donruss came back in 2014 after a nine year absence, even if it was by another company, Panini, and without a Major League Baseball license. Here are some examples of team sets I've put together recently. 

1983 Donruss

2014 Donruss

2015 Donruss

2016 Donruss

2017 Donruss

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