Monday, May 8, 2017

Omaha LCS's and 30 Day Challenge, Day 6

Last Friday I was in Omaha and had time to hit two local card shops.  The first was The Card Shop.

This place was fantastic!  I was there an hour and 45 minutes.  Most of the cards are in boxes labeled simply "baseball", or "football", etc.  There are dozens of those to sift through.  There are also boxes labeled with each team name on them.  So find your favorite team and there's a whole box to go through.  In the Red Sox box, I found these.

These weren't on any of my want lists, but they were cool cards of players I used to like.  There was also a wall of cards boxes labeled by year and brand.  They had a lot of Donruss and Fleer from the 80's.  These are team sets from my youth that I am trying to complete.  I pulled the following after foraging through the boxes.

The owner and I talked baseball and cards for a lot of the time when he wasn't with other customers.  He was interested in my collection and we hit if off well.  The Card Shop is awesome; tons of both new and vintage!

After that I went just a few blocks away to Omaha Sports Cards.

The place kind of felt like a sports bar to me.  It was really fancy for a LCS.  The owners had taken a large chunk of their inventory to Chicago for a show.  There was a fill-in guy there who was very friendly.  It wasn't his fault there wasn't much there of interest to me.  I'll give them another shot next time I'm in town.

And now for the 6th day of the challenge.  A card you spent more than $10 to get

I was a teenager when I picked this one up at a card show in Sioux Falls, SD.  It was the first card I spent over $10 to get.  In fact, if I remember correctly, I spent $60 on it.  This was the late 80's.  The funny thing is, I could still get this Yaz rookie in the same condition for the same price today!

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