Saturday, May 27, 2017

In Today's Mail

My pursuit for Red Sox team sets since 1981 continues.  I have updated my Red Sox want list to reflect what I know so far. (thru 2000ish)  Today I received a package from another eBay purchase of some 1992 team sets from Score, Upper Deck, and Leaf.

Score scored a nice looking set that year, colorful with lots of nice action shots. Hey Jack, you need to keep your eyes on the ball! That's how it's done, Mike! Strike a pose, Tom!

Upper Deck had a nice set, but it was starting to look the same every year by this time. Look at Mo, all lean and trim and fast looking still. I have no idea what Reardon is up to in this pose. Is he taking care of an itch?

Leaf had good photos that year but yet another boring design. I love the Pena shot, but unfortunately it appears the throw was high and Canseco was safe.  But on the bright side, Nearing was able to tackle the Astro short of the first down. 

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