Monday, May 29, 2017

30 Day Challenge, Days 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25

A card of a rookie you thought you were "investing" in

Oh, how embarrassing!  Yes, I bought this card for no other reason than hoping it would increase in value tremendously when Dave Fleming became a star.  He had just won 17 games in his first full major league season in 1992.  I saw it in a nickel or dime box at a Shinder's and thought why not?  I figured if he could start out like that, he'd be a regular 15-20 game winner and wind up with 200+ wins.  Little did I know he had already won about half of his career wins at the time I purchased it.  Not a great investment there.

A card of a common player that always seemed to elude you

I don't have a common player that fits the bill.  I learned as a teenager that it was much more economical to be a targeted collector who bought complete sets and team sets.  Buying tons and tons of packs trying to get those last few cards cost too much and was frustrating, so I've never had a player elude me.  So I have to go with an uncommon player.  Rickey Henderson, for some reason I can't explain, is very underrepresented in my collection.  I have cards of his from the complete sets, but that's about it.

A favorite oddball card from the 1950s

I have very few oddball cards from the 1950s.  If Ted Williams had been in the 1953 Topps set, I wouldn't even have this.  But to get a 1953 Williams, I had to pick up this Canadian Exhibits.  I'll have to do some research to see why Williams wasn't in the Topps sets for a couple years in the early 50s.

A favorite oddball card from the 1960s

Here's something from my Yaz player collection.  It's 1962 Post.  It's from before my time, but I would imagine this was on the side of a box of Post cereal.  I used to read the back of cereal boxes when I was a kid while I ate my cereal, but I don't remember there ever being baseball cards on them.  Anybody know from what kind this card came?  I picked this up really cheap as you can probably guess from the condition.

A favorite oddball card from the 1970s

Here's another from my Yaz PC.  It's 1976 Hostess.  I don't remember 1976, but I do remember a couple years later going to the bread store with my mom and picking through the Ho Ho's and Twinkies boxes looking at the cards on the backs for players I liked.  I still have those, and they are in remarkably poor condition.  I bought this one not too many years ago.

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