Sunday, May 7, 2017

30 Day Challenge, Day 5

A certified autograph card of one of your favorite players

I have to break the rules on this one and go to a different sport. The only certified autograph baseball card I have of a favorite player is the Yaz card I already showed last month. I'm trying not to show any repeats during this challenge. I used to have a player collection of A.C. Green. I stopped a couple of years ago.  The cards started getting remarkably unoriginal, with the same three photographs being reused year after year on many different cards. Most of the PC is still intact, although I've unloaded some of them. A.C. Green was an unsung hero for the Lakers teams of the late 80's. He was fine with Kareem and Magic getting the attention while he consistently played his power forward role. A.C. is the NBA's all-time iron man for consecutive games played. But the most interesting thing about him is his abbreviated name.  A.C. stands for nothing. It's short for nothing. His parents named him "A.C."

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