Wednesday, May 31, 2017

30 Day Challenge, Day 26 and Two Knocked Off the Most Wanted List

A favorite oddball card from the 1980s

How about this 1987 Kraft Dinners Home Plate Heroes of Wade Boggs?  I don't actually remember getting this card, but I imagine I cut if off the back of a macaroni and cheese box or something.  The airbrushed cap is lame, but not too surprising from an oddball set.

For the first time since adding my top 10 want list to the side of this blog, I can take some off the list.  Today in the mail I received the following.

This 2002 Johnny Damon Topps Traded card was #2 on my most wanted list.  I found this card really hard to get at a reasonable price.  2002 Topps Traded is the only year I know of where the base card is much rarer and more expensive than the Gold and Chrome versions.  I've been watching for it for a couple years now, and finally nabbed it on eBay at a really good price.  Damon of course would go on to become a major piece in the 2004 championship and a fan favorite.

The other card to come off the top 10 list was at #8, this 2012 Topps Fenway Park Dirt card.

This card is really unique.  It says the dirt in the card is not from any particular game, so I suppose it could have been on the ground for all of a couple minutes as far as I know; just long enough to dump it out and then immediately scoop it back up and send it to the card factory.  It came as part of the Topps factory set that year.  I wasn't collecting complete sets any more by that year, so I had to get it as a single on eBay.

I also received several more Red Sox team sets today from the 1980's.  Here are some selections from each of them.

The 1983 Fleer team set.  I had to pay a little more than for the other sets from this era due to Wade Boggs rookie card being in there.  The set is mostly head and shoulder shots, so not that cool.

The 1984 Donruss team set.  For that time period, I really like this set.  There are a lot of action shots and the photo quality isn't that bad.  The design is also unique.  It might be a fun set to play the shadow game with some day.

The 1985 Donruss team set.  Even though a Roger Clemens rookie is in there, I didn't have to pay a premium for it.  This set also has good eye appeal and photo selection.

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