Sunday, May 14, 2017

30 Day Challenge, Day 14

One of your favorite cards from the 2000s

I'll have to dig into my player collection of Aaron Sele again for this one.  I'm having a hard time picking between these four.

That might be because they're all the same thing essentially, 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Emerald. They're serial numbered to five, and I've managed to pick up four of them. The picture on the cards shows him wearing an Angels uniform. But only one of the four jersey patches is from an Angels uniform. The rest are from Seattle Mariners uniform(s), the team he left in the off season.

Aaron Sele was just enough of a star to get in on the patch frenzy of the early 2000s. These kept showing up on eBay at low prices, so I just kept picking them up. I used to know who had serial number three, the one I'm missing. He was my fiercest competitor for Seles but also a good trade partner. I assume he still has it 14 years later.

The nice thing about low numbered patches is that they are more likely to contain multiple colors in the swatch.  The scan doesn't do the refractor surface justice. These are beautiful cards.

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