Friday, April 14, 2017

Not My Local Card Shops

I'm in Minneapolis for Easter weekend. Thanks to Brian at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary for making me aware of his favorite local card shops. This afternoon was card shop day. (and in return tomorrow is outlet mall day 👎) My first stop was Three Star Sportscards in Roseville.
They had a very nice selection of cards, but not organized very well. If you had time to sit and sift through boxes and boxes and binders and binders that are unmarked you will surely find a treasure. The best thing about the place was the sports banter between the owner and patrons. I like shops like that. I'll definitely go back when I'm in town again and have more time. The owner said they are relocating soon.

My second stop was Ultimate Collectibles in downtown Hopkins.
Imagine my surprise to walk in and find all the card cases empty! It turned out the store had been burglarized a couple of nights ago! All the valuable stuff had been swiped. The owner told me what kind of stuff that was lifted and it was stuff that would have been up my alley. (Lots of vintage) The insurance adjuster was there at the same time, and it sounds like they will be able to restock and pick up again soon. The store also had lots of collectibles besides cards, bobbleheads and records and whatnot, which I don't collect.

My third and last stop was Twin City Sportscards in Golden Valley.
This store I had been to before in its old location. The new building has a lot more room, is spread out, and well organized. Unfortunately the prices were absurd. I saw a number of vintage cards I wanted, but knew I could get them much cheaper elsewhere. Cards I've purchased recently on ebay or COMC were priced double what I had paid. But the selection and space was by far the best. I'll be back here too. So three shops visited and no purchases made. But a very enjoyable day with fellow card lovers!


  1. Oh wow! That's terrible that the Hopkins place was robbed, they just opened last month.

    The Three Stars store is going to open a 2nd location in the South part of the metro. Did the owner say he was also moving out of the Roseville location? I know they had some ceiling / roof damage the last time I was in there.

  2. No, he just talked about a new location. I assumed that meant relocating, but hopefully it's second location. We need more LCS'S.

    1. I just checked their facebook page, it is a 2nd location - "Opening Monday, May 1 the new store is located in Bloomington at 8806 Lyndale Ave S, in the Lyndale Plaza Shopping Center. Our Roseville location will remain open to serve all of our collectors in the northern suburbs"