Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In Today's Mail - baseball set

I bought my first complete baseball card set at a local card shop on France Avenue in Bloomington, MN in 1986. Every year after that I did the same thing, but not at that shop. It was a lot tidier to purchase all at once instead of piecing together one by one, and it resulted in a lot less doubles. (and it might have been cheaper) The annual purchase was done for the last time in 2005. I thought that would be it. But then a couple years ago I saw a Topps complete set for sale at a LCS that was Red Sox themed. I did a little research and found out Topps did that through 2010. So I began looking for good deals to get all the Red Sox themed complete sets. Today in the mail the 2009 version arrived.
That just leaves 2004 that I'm still looking to find one day. The UPS driver left the package on the edge of the front step, meaning it was exposed to steady rain for probably a couple hours. The box was directly wrapped in brown paper bag, so there was no padding or protection. The brown paper was soaked, but luckily the Topps shrink wrap protected the cards inside. Not that today's cards aren't waterproof, ha!

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