Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cards with a Story, Part 2

I think I've mentioned before that I spent my early years living in suburban Minneapolis before my family moved to South Dakota. One of my best friends in Minnesota was my backyard neighbor Brian. He was a year older than me. We had some really good times playing together. After we moved our parents tried to get us together whenever one of us was in the other's area. As we were apart longer and longer those meetings would get more and more awkward with less and less to talk about. But even as most of our interests drifted apart, we still both shared a love for baseball cards. One time when we were visiting him and looking at each other's cards, I came across this one that he had that I really wanted, the 1977 Topps Carlton Fisk.

But the problem was I didn't have anything that interested him enough to part with it, so that was that. Later we were climbing a tree in his front yard. Being used to the tree he could climb way up in it, but I was more hesitant. In an effort to motivate me to climb higher, he decided to put this Fisk card way up in the tree. He told me I could keep it if I could get it. Well, you know how the story ends as I have it now. What I remember was being really afraid as I got higher and higher, but the desire for that card helped me overcome the fear. Brian encouraged me the whole way.

Looking at the card now, I think the Yankees player sliding into home plate is Willie Randolph. Judging by the position of everybody my guess is that Randolph was safe, and by a ways.

All the photos in my previous blog posts were taken on my phone. This one, for the first time, I scanned in on my scanner. I think it turned out a lot crisper and more colorful. I don't hardly ever fire up the PC anymore, but perhaps I'll try to more often for card scans. But don't hold me to it. ;)

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