Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cards with a Story, Part 1

It was probably 1983 when I obtained this card. I had a friend named Joel who had a few cards including this one, and he was over at my house to trade. He wasn't really a sports fan, but he especially liked a model I had of a U.S. Navy ship. (I think it was the Constellation??) We worked out a trade of the model for some of his cards. He also had this Johnny Bench card, a 1979 Topps, that I wanted. So we went back and forth a bit, trying to make another trade, but just couldn't come to an agreement. Finally, in frustration, he ripped it into a bunch of pieces, threw them into our trash basket, and left. After he left, I sifted through the trash basket and was able to find all the pieces. I put it back together like a puzzle and applied a bunch of tape. And here it is today.

16 pieces, and still with original tape. I bought out my brother's cards a few years later and got another one of this card that was whole. But it had his initial B written on the front, right in the middle. It wasn't until I bought the complete 1979 Topps set years later that I finally got one in good condition. 

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