Thursday, February 23, 2017

How I Know the Old Red Sox Cards

I already talked about how I go about collecting Red Sox teams going forward. To aid myself in tracking down Red Sox cards going back in time, I bought this Vintage Baseball Cards book several years ago. It has checklists of every known card set EVER. It ends in 1980, which makes sense because in 1981 the scene started becoming more crowded. It's supposed to be a price guide, but I use it more as a checklist. It's five years old now, and I'll admit I haven't looked to see if there is a more recent edition. I figure few if any undiscovered sets come up very often, so from a checklist perspective I'm probably OK. I know there are resources online for this sort of thing, but paper, highlighter, and pen feel right for card collecting. ☺

Is anybody else using this book to help collect really old cards?

My want list is now current back to 2000, and pre-1990. I'm hoping to update the 1990's this weekend.

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